Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Signing Strudwick

Re-signing Jason Strudwick wasn't a signing that came with a ton of coverage. It was more or less expected, I think, that Edmonton would bring him back for another season as the 7th D/extra forward in a pinch. I can't say he played much differently from my expectations, except to say that I wouldn't have guessed he would appear in 71 games.

Jason Strudwick made 650K last year on a one way deal, and signed a one year deal on July 1st worth a reported 700K. I'm kind of curious how this negotiation transpired, and wonder why the Oilers felt the need to give him a raise. Was he going to sign elsewhere if they offered a 600K, one way deal? The league minimum of 500K on a one way deal? If he were to leave, could they really not find a reasonable replacement for similar money?

Don't get me wrong, there is value in knowing your 7th D firsthand before signing him to a one deal, but it does kind of surprise me that he was able to get the same salary he made last year. Even further, he got a small raise.

I'm only talking about 100K or so here, so it's not really the end of the world in terms of the Oilers budget or salary cap, but I don't see the reason to spend it if you don't have to. I also don't like rationalizing/justify a decision by saying "Ah, it's not THAT bad, could have been worse."


Downright Fierce said...
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Downright Fierce said...

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100k is 100k. I'd chalk it up to one of the following:

1. Hometown overpay;

2. A good agent;

3. Or Tambilleni wants leverage in wooing Rob Niedermayer (they're cousins! Thanks Wikipedia!).

I recall seeing a story that quoted Rob as saying that he didn't want to play anywhere other than Anaheim. Can't find the story now, but I seem to recall it on TSN sometime around the start of the month. Anyway, it seems unlikley that it has anything to do with the Strudwick signing, but Rob has always expressed a lot of joy in playing pro hockey with his brother. Could Strudwick's relation to him cause Tambi's hand to add those extra dollars to the offer? Unlikely, I know, but it's a slow day. As far as adding Rob, I think he fits the gameplan (especially if Heatley stays put):

- Adds size
- Adds grit
- Versatile winger, shoots left
- PK/checking skills

Vaguely intriguing, no?

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