Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bizarre Night in Edmonton

I'm kind of glad I wasn't following it through the night even though it might have been a fun ride.

Some thoughts:

(1) The Oilers should give OTT a firm deadline, probably around 9:30 am EDM time. They can't get let themselves get sucked around into waiting only to to not get Heatley and then see many quality UFA's sign elsewhere while they are in a holding pattern. Will they do so? Who knows?

(2) The proposed trade. I wouldn't do it as is, but I don't think it's awful; it certainly seems like a better deal, to me, than the Pronger trade was for PHI.

The team is already pinched to the cap, this trade would only exacerbate the problem if they can't move some guys. We'll see how that plays out. I don't like giving up two young players that seem like good chances to outperform their cap number in exchange for a player who is:

-a goalscorer just getting to an age where he probably (but may) will lose some scoring over the course of the deal
-making 7.5 mil
-coming from the Eastern conference, playing with Spezza and Alfredsson
-may not really want to be in EDM

(3) If you have a huge desire to get a "superstar" and UFA's wont' sign here, what other option is available? I disagree with the superstar or bust mindset myself, but it doesn't seem like the Oilers do.

(4) Gomez to Montreal - I know they could use a center, but it seems like they paid way too much to acquire a player with a questionable contract the day before UFA season. Maybe they are convinced that players don't want to sign in Montreal, I'm not sure why else they make that deal. Who else was offering up a prospect like McDonaugh and a player like Higgins to pick up Gomez a day before UFA season starts?

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speeds said...

Re: (1)

The Oilers don't necessarily need to be completely done with the Heataley situation by 10 am, but if I were Tambellini talking to Murray, I would say something like:

"Our offer is off the table if the deal isn't done by 9:30-10 am. At that point we will check the market and see what is available. We may or may not come back to you, depending on what we can get done in the UFA market.

But IF we do it's no guarantee we'll be offering the same package. So make of that what you will."