Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trade Deadline Coverage

I'll be providing some brief analysis of each trade, which I'm sure will be no different than the 34 other sites doing much the same :)


To BUF: Zubrus
To WSH: 2007 1st, Novotny

I hope there is some kind of plan for Sykora in EDM, this seems like a deal they could have jumped upon.


To TOR: Perrault
To PHX: Bell, 2nd rounder

Can't say PHX doesn't know how to sell at the deadline. Perrault gone, Saprykin, Laraque, Nagy a couple weeks back.

To DET: Bertuzzi
To FLA: conditional pick, unnamed prospect

A healthy Bertuzzi would be a nice addition to the Red Wings. Coupled with the addition of Calder DET will now have a top 6 including Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Lang, Bertuzzi, and Calder. Not bad.

To SJ: Guerin
To STL: Nieminen, 2007 1st NJ, Jay Barriball (2006 7th round pick)

Well, starting to look like a pretty crazy top 6/9 in SJ. I would love dearly for them to take the division, if only to improve the Oilers draft pick in the Pronger trade. I would guess SJ is pretty much done, there is a team that either thinks their time is now, or have given up on the 2007 draft having moved 2 first round picks in the last couple of days.


To PHI: Biron
To BUF: 2007 1st ( NSH)

Now I'm hearing on SN that this deal is not for a first, but this seems kind of strange to me unless PHI already had a chance to talk with Biron about an extension. SN speculates that it could be a conditional pick, that makes sense to me in that PHI gives something up if they get him signed.

But what is BUF's angle if they don't get something decent in return for Biron? Is it as simple as clearing cap room for upcoming moves today?

Laraque for Carcillo and an 8th

This trade is interesting, long rumored, Laraque fits a toughness need for PIT but more importantly is a real upgrade for PIT on the 4th line. His ability to draw penalties will be big for a PIT team with a top end PP. Throw Laraque on a line with Crosby a couple shifts per game, and if they get cycling the puck in the offensive zone how can the opposing team NOT take some sort of penalty?

Anyways this "rumor" is particularly interesting to me because the draft is only 7 rounds long now. Bizarre.
NOTE: sportsnet or tsn (sorry, I'm flipping channels, can't remember which) says this deal isn't done, but could well still happen

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Anonymous said...

TSN has Nordstrom going to the Stars, but what the Kings get isn't out yet. So far, this is the only top-level D-man to my eyes.