Monday, July 18, 2005

I stand corrected

Edmonton Sun article

"We'll have every opportunity to compete for the $7.8-million player," Nichols said, talking about the maximum salary under the cap.

Proves me wrong. Brownlee states that the Oilers wil have a 33-35 mil budget, but I notice that isn't a direct quote from Nichols. One might assume that's where Brownlee got the budget information, but perhaps not.

In any case, I still don't like the artificiality of the 20% cap on an individual salary; I don't really like the idea of a salary cap either.

But if the Oilers are wiling to go far enough to spend the cap on a player then the 20% rule will not harm them. In fact it could well help them. Suppose there is a player who would, in the case of equal offers, choose Edmonton. If he were able to be offered 10 mil by some other team while EDM wouldn't go past 7.8 mil, Edmonton might be out of luck. In that case, the artificial cap would probably deliver said player to the Oilers.

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Anonymous said...

All depends on continued strength in the Can $ - only thing that explains how they can make up lost revenue streams from prior years w/out ticket price increase.

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